The 2017 committee chairs are made up of senior board members and the Vice Chairs are members of the Junior Board.

Advertising Committee: 
Chair:  Cheryl Johnson 
Co-Chair: Kylie Roberts
Members: Anne Kimmey and Megan Muller

Chair: Lydell Meier
Co-Chair: Megan Muller
Members: Kaye Gilbert and Owen Tolar

Awards Committee:  
Chair:  Wylie Geyer 
Co-Chair: Kjersta Lind
Members: Darla Rogers and Owen Tolar

Events Committee:
Chair: Cody McMurphy
Co-Chair: Autum Hellerud
Members: Casey McMurphy, August Berts, and Jacob Tapley

Finance Committee:
Chair: Kelley Kimmey
Co-Chair: Sydney Zehnder
Members: Wylie Geyer and Kaye Gilbert

Sponsorships Committee:
Chair: Kaye Gilbert
Co-Chair: Autum Hellerud
Members: Wylie Geyer and August Bertz

Scholarship Committee:
Chair: Wylie Geyer
Co-Chair: Sydney Zehnder

Show Committee:
Chair: Chad Zehnder
Co-Chair: Jacob Tapley
Members: Cody McMurphy, Scott Bayer, Jennie Lodoen, and August Bertz

Legacy Heifer Committee:
Chair: Kelley Kimmey
Co-Chair: August Bertz

Royalty Committee:
Chair: Kaye Gilbert
Vice Chair: Kjersta Lind
Members: Edie Tolar and Kylie Roberts

Host State Committee:
Chair: Cheryl Johnson
Co-Chair: Autum Hellerud

Futurity Committee:
Chair: Wylie Geyer
Co-Chair: Owen Tolar