What to Expect: Quiz Bowl

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The NAJRAE is a week packed with exciting activities and learning opportunities. The Quiz Bowl contest is a fun way to test your knowledge of the Red Angus breed and cattle facts!


Quiz Bowl is a team competition consisting of four team members against another team of four members in a head to head match up. Teams consist of four NAJRAE exhibitors all from the same age group. The age groups are junior and senior divisions, ages thirteen and younger and fourteen and older as of January first. We split into age groups because of the numbers required to fill teams. Teams do not have to be from the same state.


The point of Quiz Bowl is to answer the question given by the judge before the other team to score points for your team. To beat the other team to the question you will be given a buzzer. The first to push the button on the buzzer will be the one to answer the question.


The contest is split up into three rounds. For the first two rounds each team member will be assigned a number one through four. In the he first round a question will be given to a set of the same number contestant. The first number one to buzz in will have ten seconds to answer. If the question is missed or the time expires the other team’s number one will have ten seconds to answer. If neither of the ones can answer, the question will be scrapped. For the second-round contestant numbers will be mixed up. For example, the ones and the threes will have a question with the same amount of time to answer. And for the third and last round the question will be addressed to the team as a whole.


Each game has a time limit and the rounds will be repeated until the time expires. Remember if you buzz in before the question is read completely the person reading will stop and you have ten seconds to answer. If the answer is wrong or the time expires, the question will be read in its entirety to the other team and if the answer is heard from the audience the question will be thrown out.


 At the end of the time given the team with the most points wins. There will be three groups of questions and the questions will be over basic cattle knowledge. Teams will be put into a bracket tournament style. Each winning team will move up the bracket to the next round until we have a winning team and a reserve team from each age division. Prizes are awarded to both the winning team and reserve team.


We want all exhibitors to be competitive in our team events but above all HAVE FUN!!!