What to Expect: Sales Talk

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Have you ever wondered what the sales talk competition was and how you can better prepare for it? Let us help you answer some questions. Some questions people often have about sales talk will be answered in this blog post. However, if your questions about sales talk are not answered in this post, or in the rulebook, which can be found at the NAJRAE website, please reach out to a Junior Board member, Senior Board member or Junior Advisor and we will gladly answer any questions.

  • How should I be dressed for sales talk?

When getting dressed to give a sales talk you should be dressed professionally. You will want to wear a nice dress shirt, clean and hole free jeans, and boots. As a competitor and a role play business professional you want to present yourself in the best way possible to hopefully strike a deal with the judge.

  • What can I sell for a sales talk?

According to the rule book you must include the selling of Red Angus cattle or genetics. You can either sell the heifer/bull you brought to the NAJRAE, or you can sell an animal/embryo package you have at home.

  • What can I bring with me during a sales talk?

If you plan on selling a heifer/cow-calf pair/bull that you brought to the show we suggest you bring registration papers of the animal you are selling. If you are selling an animal or embryo’s from back home, you are free to bring pictures to help with your sale. You are allowed to bring any sort of paperwork/pictures that will help you seal the deal with the buyer (judge). Remember what you sell must be either Red Angus cattle or genetics.

  • How can I prepare for a sales talk?

When preparing for sales talk we would look over the registration papers, make sure you know about the dam and sire of the animal, while also highlighting some of the EPD’s. Don’t forget to point out the strengths of the animal you are selling. One last thing to know would be what the animal is bred to and when she is due if selling a cow/heifer. We strongly suggest practicing sales talk before you get to NAJRAE, it will make your sales talk experience much more enjoyable when at NAJRAE.

  • How long does the sales presentation need to be?

Sales talk presentation need to be 3-5 minutes in length. During this time frame you will want to inform the buyer about your animal for sale while leaving enough time for questions. Time warnings will be given throughout the 5-minute mark to keep the competitor aware of how much time is left. When the 5-minute mark it met, you will be asked to exit the ring, so make sure to make your final decisions and seal the deal before time is called.

Check out our Facebook page to watch the Junior Board members perform a skit of the “do’s” and “don’ts” of a sales talk. Junior Board President, Sydney Zehnder, and At-Large Board Member, Owen Tolar, perform a mock sales talk.