Animal Health Requirements


  1. ALL animals (in state and out of state) exhibiting at NAJRAE must be accompanied by an official, valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI, health certificate).
  2. All species imported for breeding purposes or requiring testing shall be individually identified by a method approved by the animal health commissioner (official USDA ear tag, breed registration tattoo, Microchip, registered ear notch, etc).
  1. All health certificates must have physical addresses (NOT post-office boxes) for both the consignor and consignee.
    1. Show Name: North American Junior Red Angus Event
    2. Show Address: 500  E. Choctaw Ave., Chickasha, OK 73018
    3. Show Phone Number: 405-224-2031

For an up-to-date listing of what is required by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, be sure to go to their website. 

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture