The NAJRAE will have two days of show June 25-26. Please make sure you visit each NAJRAE show for complete show information.

We will have classes for the following shows:

2021 Rule Book

General Information and Rules

The North American Junior Red Angus Event (“NAJRAE”) encourages your participation in this year’s event. The Senior Board of Directors, as well as the Junior Board of Directors, looks forward to hosting you and your exhibits at the James E. Ward Ag Center at the Wilson County Fairgrounds, and we welcome you to Lebanon, Tennessee.

NAJRAE reserves to its Senior Board of Directors the final and absolute right to interpret these General Rules and Regulations, the Livestock Show Special Rules, and/or any applicable special requirements as published in this premium list (collectively, the “Rules”) and to reasonably settle and determine all matters, questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to the NAJRAE, and the right to amend or add to these rules as its judgment may determine. An exhibitor who violates any of the following rules may forfeit all privileges, fees paid and premiums awarded and may be subject to such penalties as the Senior Board of Directors may determine. The failure of NAJRAE to enforce any of the provisions, rules, rights or remedies of this premium list or to exercise any options or sanctions herein provided will in no way be construed to be a waiver of such provisions, rules, rights, remedies, sanctions or options. Special rules or conditions are published in each department where necessary. If there is a conflict between the special rules or requirements of any department or division and the general rules and regulations, the special rules or requirements shall apply.

All exhibitors and exhibits shall comply with these rules of NAJRAE. NAJRAE shall not be liable to exhibitor for lost profit or other financial loss of any type or description including any special, indirect, reliance, incidental or consequential damages which may be caused directly or indirectly by the enforcement of these Rules, or for any time delays, inadequacies of services of NAJRAE or any use of the premises or by any deficiency or defect therein. Additionally, NAJRAE is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage caused by exhibitor or exhibitor’s property that may arise directly or indirectly from exhibitor’s participation at the NAJRAE. Each exhibitor will be solely responsible for any such loss, injury or damage, whether to person or property, and shall indemnify NAJRAE, and their directors against all losses, damages and legal proceedings arising there from.

Exhibitors are subject to all rules and regulations of the (NAJRAE). Entries are accepted with the understanding that each exhibitor agrees to conform to the Rules and Regulations of the North American Junior Red Angus Event. Any person found guilty of misrepresentation or not abiding by the Rules in this premium list will be disqualified and denied the privilege of competing at NAJRAE.

Enforcement will be at the discretion of the authorized NAJRAE representatives.  Disciplinary action for a violation may include but not be limited to the removal of all awards (animal show as well as satellite events), removal of premium money, and permanent disqualification from the current and future NAJRAE events.


  1. NON-COMPLIANCE TO THE RULES: Exhibitors are subject to all rules and regulations of the (NAJRAE). Please see the statement for Non-Compliance of Rules on Page 7.
  2. LIABILITY STATEMENT: Each exhibitor/contestant (and exhibitor’s parent or legal guardian, if exhibitor is a minor) acknowledges with entry that he/she understands and agrees to the release and/or limitation of liability statement and agrees to abide by all Rules of NAJRAE.
  3. EXHIBITOR ELIGIBILITY: The NAJRAE does not discriminate against any applicant, exhibitor, volunteer, customer or patron on the basis of race, sex, color, age, disability, religion, citizenship, veteran status, nationality or ethnic origin.


 i.    Pee-Wee: 7 and under
To be eligible for the Owned, Bred & Owned, Steer, or Percentage Heifer, Pee-Wees must bump to the Junior Division. They will have to maintain full and total control of their animal without the help of a handler and participate in at least two (2) of the six (6) satellite competitions.  

                            ii.    Junior: 8-12 years of age

                           iii.    Intermediate: 13-16 years of age

                           iv.    Senior: 17-21 years of age


  1. OWNERSHIP: To be eligible for competition, whether singly or in groups, animals must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor. All entries must be solely in the NAJRAE exhibitors name by May 15, 2021.
  2. HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: Please refer to the Animal Health Requirements listed in this premium list.
  3. REGISTRATION: Cattle entered in this show must be officially registered in the Red Angus Association of America herd- book. The original registration certificate or pdf as printed out from RedsPro is required at check-in. Cattle must be in the R or I status at the time of NAJRAE check-in.
  4. ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION: All animals must have legible tattoos, which match the Animal ID and Herd Prefix as recorded in the RAAA database prior to processing.

 i.    Animal ID and Herd Prefix verification may be via printed registration certificate or real time electronic representation of the RAAA database.

ii.    If the Animal ID and/or Herd Prefix are not legible and cannot be read during processing, it will be allowed to participate in the show. A fee of $100 will be charged to the exhibitor for a DNA parentage test of said animal.

iii.    If the Animal ID and/or Herd Prefix are legible but are incorrect and/or no visible indications of a tattoo in either ear, the animal will not be allowed to show.


  1. ENTRY APPLICATION: All applications for entry must be made online at
  1. ENTRY SUBSTITUTIONS: There will be no entry substitutions for any entry.
  2. ENTRY DEADLINES: Entries must be submitted online by 11:59 P.M., May 15, 2021. Late Entries will be accepted from May 16, 2021-May 25, 2021 for additional fees.
  3. ENTRY FEES: All applications for entry must be accompanied by related fees. If the entry does not have fees enclosed, the application for entry will not be accepted or accepted conditionally. All international exhibitors must pay fees in certified U.S. currency. Entry fees are not stall fees and do not dictate stall space.ALL FEES ARE FINAL AND NON-REFUNDABLE.




    1. SELECTION OF JUDGES/OFFICIALS: Judges will be selected through a selection process of the Show Team and voted on by the NAJRAE Senior Board of Directors. Judges will be familiar with all rules and department requirements.
    2. JUDGES’ DECISIONS/OFFICIALS: The judges’ decisions are final. See below for protest details.
    3. INTERFERENCE WITH JUDGES/OFFICIALS: If any exhibitor, in any way, whether in person or by their representative, interferes with the judge(s), or shows any disrespect to the judges or show officials, the senior board may excuse him/her from the ring, disqualify them from further competition, and exhibitor premiums that may have been awarded may also be forfeited.
    1. FILING: All protests must be in writing and accompanied by a deposit of $500.00, cash or certified check, which will be forfeited if protest is not sustained. Such protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint or appeal and must be delivered to the senior board immediately after the occasion for such protest. Protests will be accepted prior to, during and within 2 hours immediately following the conclusion of judging. Any protest as to the eligibility on account of age or breeding of animals must be filed with the senior board prior to the day on which they are to be judged.
    2. INVESTIGATION: Judging procedures will not be interrupted for protest investigation; and depending on the basis of the protest, a decision may be withheld until a thorough investigation is completed. The NAJRAE Senior Board of Directors reserves the right to hold all protests and investigation findings confidential.


  1. EXHIBITOR SUBSTITUTIONS: Exhibitors must accompany and exhibit their show entries. If a substitute exhibitor is needed, it will require the approval of the show team. Exceptions include:
    1. An exhibitor has more than one animal in the same class, in which another NAJRAE exhibitor may help by showing one of the animals.
    2. Injury or illness
  2. HUMANE TREATMENT: Exhibitors are to treat animals in a humane manner at all times. Show officials will provide a warning to any exhibitor deemed to be in violation of this basic principle of animal husbandry. Any exhibitor who fails to heed the warning will be disqualified and removed from show grounds
  3. ENTRY NUMBER: Each entry will be assigned an entry number. This number will identify animals in the show and will correspond with the numbers in the Official Judge’s Book and must be displayed by exhibitors when the entries are being judged.
  4. JUDGING SCHEDULE: The Livestock Show Schedule, as published in this rule book, will be followed as closely as possible. Exhibitors should ascertain at what time the exhibits entered will be judged. Judging will not be delayed for exhibitors entering the show ring late. Any exhibit not presented promptly at the scheduled time will be ruled out and excluded from competition when the class is called.
  5. CLASS SIZE: The NAJRAE Show Officials will split classes as near to equal as possible.
  6. SHOW SHIRT: Official show shirts are required while exhibiting animals and will be available at check-in. These will be provided by the NAJRAE.
  7. DISQUALIFICATION: If an exhibit is disqualified there will be no refund of any fees due to disqualification.
  8. PHOTOGRAPHS/VIDEOS: Photographs of Champion and Reserve Champion exhibits will be taken by the official photographer of the NAJRAE. Exhibitors of Champion and Reserve Champion winners must make themselves and their exhibits available for the taking of official photographs with the possibility of videos. Exhibitor hereby grants NAJRAE permission to utilize photographs/videos, image or likeness in whole or in part for use in official NAJRAE publications, social media and other promotions.
  9. PREMIUM PAYOUT: Total premiums will be paid by NAJRAE unless otherwise stated. Premiums will be forwarded to designated person(s) as directed, as soon after the close of the show as they can properly be processed. Cash premiums are payable by bank check. Checks will be made payable to the exhibitor listed on the entry form. All premiums whatsoever, not claimed within 90 days upon receipt, shall be deemed forfeited to the show. NAJRAE reserves the right to withhold premiums awarded in every case in which it appears to NAJRAE management that the Rules have been violated, or that fraud or deception has been attempted or practiced.
  10. BARN STALLS: Stall assignments will be done by NAJRAE Facilities Team through collaboration with the Show Team, and Show Entry person. States will be stalled together in assigned locations.  Exhibitors may request stalling needs during entry, ie to be stalled with another family within their state. There is no guarantee that any stall request can be honored but NAJRAE will do their best to accommodate all requests. Stalling assignments will be posted prior to move in day.
    1. FANS: Overhead fans are allowed in the front half of stalls. Signs will be hung on the aisles as to what direction your fans should be pointed.
  11. TIE OUTS: Tie outs will be available upon arrival. Tie-out assignments will be handled the same as stalling assignments in the barn.  All cattle in tie-outs MUST wear a neck-tie. Cattle are limited to the assigned tie-out areas. Tie-out bedding will be provided. Pens will be allowed ONLY for cow-calf pairs. There will be no tying to trailers for tie-outs. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning before/after use, as necessary.


  1. EXHIBITOR & CREWS: Each member exhibitor or member owner is prohibited from altering the conformation or the structure of an animal by injection or internal or external administration of any Prohibited Substance or by involvement in an Unethical Fitting. The member exhibitor and/or member owner is responsible for the acts of any nonmember fitter found to have altered an animal in violation of these Rules.
  2. UNETHICAL FITTING: Unethical fitting means any attempt to alter the natural appearance, conformation, musculature or weight of an animal by any unnatural means.The attempted surgical or non-surgical alteration or conformation of an animal is strictly prohibited.Animals showing any signs of being unethically fitted will be disqualified. Examples of unethical fitting include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. The use of false tail heads, added hair or other materials to any part of the animal’s body is prohibited.
    2. The use of coloring agents, paints, and/or dyes to change the existing color, color pattern, or any other usage is prohibited.
    3. The use of artificial filling, including but not limited to, pumping, drenching, use of a hose in the throat, and injections is strictly prohibited. If an animal must be treated for any reason medically, an authorized NAJRAE Show official must be notified immediately.
  3. TESTING FOR UNETHICAL FITTING: NAJRAE may adopt and implement various tests designed to monitor this prohibition, including but not limited to a “white towel” test, “white glove” test, or the immediate washing of an animal. Tests may be conducted by any authorized NAJRAE Show official.
  4. SUBMISSION OF ANIMALS FOR TESTING: Each member exhibitor or owner shall: (1) submit any cattle to such tests and examinations by authorized NAJRAE Show officials as may be requested thereby; (2) release NAJRAE, its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims for damages arising in connection with the administration of any such test or examination and any and all decisions based upon or otherwise using or incorporating the results thereof; and (3) in the event such member exhibitor or member owner desires to dispute or challenge the results of any such test or examination applied to his animals, do so only in accordance with the procedures established by the Rules of NAJRAE.
  5. ENFORCEMENT OF RULES: Authorized NAJRAE Show officials have the authority to enforce the rules set forth herein, including barring an animal from a livestock show at which it is to be shown, if there are reasonable grounds to believe a violation has occurred.
  6. TRAILERING ANIMALS: Once an animal is unloaded from a trailer at the show grounds, said animal may not enter the trailer again until departing the show facility not to return. Any animal found entering a trailer during the show will be immediately disqualified. If for any reason an animal does need to re-enter a trailer it will be at the discretion of the authorized NAJRAE Show Officials.
  7. ANIMAL HANDLING: Any exhibitor who loses control of his/her animal twice in the show ring will be required to remove the animal from the ring.
  8. REQUIREMENTS TO SHOW ANIMALS: Exhibitors showing in ANY NAJRAE cattle show must compete in two (2) of six (6) individual satellite events. Eligible satellite events include: arts & crafts, photography, sales talk, public speaking, livestock judging and herdsman’s quiz & id. If an exhibitor has not completed two (2) of the six (6) individual satellite events, the exhibitor will not be eligible to show an animal.


  1. ALL animals (in state and out of state) exhibiting at NAJRAE must be accompanied by an official, valid Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI, health certificate).
  2. All species imported for breeding purposes or requiring testing shall be individually identified by a method approved by the animal health commissioner (official USDA ear tag, breed registration tattoo, Microchip, registered ear notch, etc).
  3. All health certificates must have physical addresses (NOT post-office boxes) for both the consignor and consignee.
    1. Show Name: North American Junior Red Angus Event
    2. Show Address: 945 E Baddour Pkwy, Lebanon, TN 37087
    3. Show Phone Number: (615) 443-2626
  4. Refer here for up to date information: An up to date Health Requirements for Exhibition per the Tennessee Department of Agriculture can be found here. 
    Tennessee Department of Agriculture Animal Health Regulations for Fairs and Exhibitions


ENTRY DATE: MAY 15, 2021