Herdsman Quiz & ID

Contest Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2021


  1. The quiz will consist of multiple choice, matching, and true/false questions

  2. One hour will be allowed for contestants to compete in this event. Ten-minute warnings will be given after 30 minutes have passed

  3. Contestants may not bring notes, books or reference materials into the testing area. All materials will be provided, including quiz questions, answer sheet, tie-breaker questions and a number two pencil.

  4. Conferring with other contestants, use of notes or any form of cheating will be grounds for disqualification.

  5. Ties will be broken according to tie-breaker questions. If a tie remains, five pre-selected unmarked questions from the test will be used to decide the final placing.

  6. Primary resources for the questions will be the American Red Angus Journal, Red Angus Association of America Breeder’s Guide and material available on the www.redangus.org web site. Study materials may also be found on: www.najrae.com/contests/study-materials/

  7. Individual contest participation counts towards the sweepstakes contest.