Public Speaking

Contest Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2021




Senior & Intermediate Topic

What is the greatest challenge facing the beef industry and the role youth can play in addressing the problem?
  1. The intermediate and senior speech division will have a specified topic that will be industry related. 

  2. The junior speech division topic can be any subject pertaining to Red Angus cattle or the beef industry in any phase of the business.

  3. The contestant will be evaluated on organization and content, language and delivery, presentation, total effectiveness, and in response to questions.

  4. Visual aids are limited to physical charts etc.

  5. No slides, overheads or any other electrical aids will be allowed.

  6. Time limits are as follows, Deductions of half a point per ten seconds will be made from the score by each judge for speeches under or over the specified length:
    1. Junior speeches are not to exceed 3 minutes;
    2. Intermediate 5-7 minutes;
    3. Senior 5-7 minutes.

  7. Individual contest participation counts towards the sweepstakes contest.

  8. Speech rooms will be open to the public.

Time Limits: