Senior Interview

Contest Date: Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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The contest is designed to give Senior Division exhibitors the opportunity to gain the interview skills needed when seeking a job in the ag industry, specifically the cattle industry. Each part of this contest demonstrates “real world” situations that will be used by employees. Exhibitors must choose a real-world job in the Cattle industry specifically the Red Angus breed.

General Information

  1. Must be in the Senior Age Division to participate.
  2. Must for the purpose of the contest “apply” for a real-world job within the cattle industry specifically the Red Angus breed.

Example: Internship with NAJRAE, Communications Director with RAAA, Marketing Specialist with RAAA, etc. The possibilities are endless as long as they pertain to the cattle industry and the Red Angus breed.

  1. Exhibitors must dress in business casual attire.
  2. Application, cover letter, and resume must be submitted by June 1st by 11:59 pm central!

Registration & Deadline

  1. The application, resume, and cover letter must be digitally submitted online through the NAJRAE website. The link will open May 1st, 2021.
  2. All items must be submitted through the link prior to Friday, June 1, 2021.

Required Material

  1. Application – must be completed online through the NAJRAE website.
  2. Resume - Exhibitor must upload a resume as a PDF when completing the application.
  3. Cover Letter – Exhibitor must submit a cover letter as a PDF when completing the application. Letter is to be addressed to Mrs. Kaye Gilbert, NAJRAE Sr. Board President; 11523 Violet Ave, Stockport IA 52651.

Personal Interview

  1. The Interview will be held in-person at the event.
  2. Interview will be approximately 15 minutes long.
  3. Interviews will be held on Wednesday, June 23 at 5:30 pm.
  4. Interview times will be posted by Wednesday morning.

Scoring & Awards

  1. Participants will be ranked in numerical order based on the final score determined by each judge from the Application, Resume, and Cover Letter categories.
  2. Points are as follows:

                           i)          Application - 100 points

                          ii)          Cover Letter - 100 points

                         iii)          Resume - 200 points

                         iv)          Personal Interview - 500 points

                          v)          Total possible points = 900


  1. If two participants tie in points, the tiebreakers will be as follows

                           i)          1st Tiebreaker – total points on Personal Interview

                          ii)          2nd Tiebreaker – total points on Resume

                         iii)          3rd Tiebreaker – total points on Cover Letter