Team Fitting

Contest Date: TBA

Age divisions for all shows and contests are determined by your age as of January 1, 2019.

Age divisions will be:

Contest Rules

  1. Teams will have 30 minutes to take a clean, dry animal with nothing in its hair and get it completely show ready (fitting legs, body clipping, working hair, etc.)

  2. Teams will consist of 4 contestants and all must be NAJRAE exhibitors Team members have to include one from each age division, junior, intermediate and a senior, the fourth member can be from any division.

  3. Teams must provide their own blocking chute, equipment and supplies needed for fitting.

  4. Teams must sign up during the contest registration period

  5. Each team will be responsible for bringing in a heifer. Heifers are not to be groomed; but, should be washed and dried. Animals will be checked before entering the competition area.

  6. Each team must provide their own fitting equipment. Once the contest begins, no team member may leave the area and no additional equipment may be brought into the fitting area.

  7. Each team member must fit a leg, use the blowers.

  8. All fitting and grooming techniques must be within the accepted practices for the North American Junior Red Angus Event.

  9. Judges will circulate and question participants during the 30 minutes, and while the animal is in the chute. Once the animal has been groomed and time is called participants must stand at the front of the chute until released.

  10. Points will be awarded as follows: