2020 Sponsors

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2020 NAJRAE Event? Click below to see sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship Opportunities

A listing of our Sponsors

Flurry  - Level 1
JCL Red Angus
Kent Feeds
Show-Rite Feeds

Snow Flake - Level 2

Snow Globe - Level 3
Adolph Red Angus
Diamond H Cattle
Rentschler Farms

Glacier - Level 5
Wahl's Inc.

Ice Cap - Title Sponsor
GKB Cattle, Inc.

Class Sponsors
3 Amigos Cattle Co
Arrowsmith Red Angus
Bell Farms
C Bar C 
Diamond P Cattle Co
Heavican Cattle
Helm Farms
Hueftle Cattle Company
JK Red Angus
Rogers Cattle Co, LLC
Shuter Family Cattle Co
Tolbert Cattle Company

Online Sale Sponsors
9 Mile Cattle 
Beitia Livestock
Cloud 9 Cattle Company
Ft Hayes State University
Hafer Cattle Co
Harmony Hill 
J6 Farms
Niobrara Red Angus
PbarS Ranch
Polzin Cattle
Rhodes Red Angus
Six Mile Ranch
Smoky Y Ranch Red Angus
Veto Vally Farms
Walnut Creek Crossing Farms

Calendar Sponsors
Baldridge Tiedeman Angus and Red Angus
Cross Diamond Cattle Company
D-Bor Cattle
Graystone Cattle Company
Hansons Red Angus
Harmony Hill
Jeffries Red Angus
Junior Red Angus Association
Niobrara Red Angus
Oklahoma Red Angus Association
Solution Genetics
Supreme Trailer Sales