Junior Board

Megan Muller2Megan Muller

Megan Muller is from Allen, Nebraska and is currently a Junior at South Dakota State University studying agriculture business. During her term on the Junior Board, Muller hopes to continue putting the juniors first in every decision the board makes. She would also like to create more open communication between the senior board and junior board, while also starting a job interview competition for the senior division.

Best Advice: "My Grandma, Vivian Muller, would constantly remind me of her rule. Her rule was “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” and this is some of the best advice I can give anyone."

Favorite Movie: Home Alone 

Favorite Food: German Chocolate Cake

Owen Tolar4Owen Tolar
Vice President

Owen Tolar is from Taylorsville, Mississippi and is currently a Freshman at Jones County Junior College. During his term on the Junior Board, Tolar would like his time to be  productive and impactful for all junior of NAJRAE as possible. 

Best Advice: "The people you try to impress are usually never the ones who are watching you."

Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan

Favorite Food: Delmonico Steak 

Autum Hellerud

Autum Hellerud  
Membership Director

Autum Hellerud is from Brownwell, Kansas and is currently a Junior at Kansas State University studying Ag Business. When she has time away from school, she continues to help out with her family's cattle operation. Hellerud is spending the fall studying abroad in Ireland!

Best Advice: "Life is too short. Don't think, just do."

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese

August Bertz2

August Bertz  
Communications Director

August Bertz is from Mayview, Missouri and is currently a Freshman at Frank Phillips Junior College in Borger, Texas. During his time on the Junior Board, Bertz would like to make the NAJRAE such a memorable experience that Junior Red Angus member would become life-long Red Angus supporters and breeders. 

Best Advice: "No one can give you better advice than yourself." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Favorite Movie: Lonesome Dove

Favorite Food: A well cooked medium rare Filet Mignon

Jacob Tapley2

Jacob Tapley
Leadership Director

Jacob Tapley is from Greenbrier, Arkansas and is currently a Sophomore at Southern Arkansas University. During his time on the Junior Board, Tapley would like to encourage more juniors to participate.  

Best Advice: "If you're going to do something, do it right the first time."

Favorite Movie: Lone Survivor

Favorite Food: Meat and Potatoes

Ethan Dickerson2

Ethan Dickerson
At-Large Board Member

Ethan Dickerson is from Paradise, Kansas and is currently a Senior at Natoma High School. During his time on the Junior Board, Dickerson would like to continue involving PeeWees and expanding the PeeWee program. 

Best Advice: "I was told by a Jr. Board Director when I first started to get involved and that if I did I wouldn’t regret it. This is some advice that helped my get where I am today."

Favorite Movie: HATARI!

Favorite Food: Beef Chimichanga

2018 Queen4

Reba Prather
At-Large Board Member

Reba Prather is from Nancy, Kentucky and is currently a Senior at Southwestern High School. During her time on the board, Prather would like to communicate the goals of the Junior Board to members and help prepare juniors for leadership positions.

Best advice: “If you're going to be stupid you'd better be tough." 

Favorite Movie: The Lone Ranger

Favorite Food: Mexican Food 

 Cooper Rogers2

Cooper Rogers
At-Large Board Member


Cooper Rogers is from Elk City, Oklahoma and is currently a Freshman at Oklahoma State University. During his time on the Junior Board, Rogers hopes to be a role model to others, like past board members have been to him. 

Best Advice: “Don’t worry when you’re not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition” - Abraham Lincoln 

Favorite Movie: Dances with Wolves

Favorite food: Anything from Texas De Brazil 


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Mia Bayer, Wisconsin

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Anne Kimmey, Texas

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Darla Rogers, Oklahoma