Legacy Heifer

The NAJRAE Legacy Heifer Project is a mentoring program. This is where a young boy or girl is partnered with an experienced Red Angus breeder in hopes that the junior may learn from that breeder and grow within the Red Angus breed. This is a way for a younger generation of future Red Angus breeders can learn from the older generation, and the older generation can get to know a younger junior who is just entering the breed, through the management of a Red Angus female.


    1. 4-H Club Leader, County Agent, Beef Livestock Association Advisor
    2. School teacher, superintendent, principal
    3. Minister or Church Youth Advisor
    4. Employer
    5. Red Angus Breeder 

These may NOT include the applicant’s parents, NAJRAE board members, or any member of the Adolph family. Individual’s writing letters of recommendations should include their association with the applicant, and a candid evaluation of the applicant’s abilities, background, character, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Program Requirements:
  1. A donor will donate 1 Red Angus female for the Legacy Heifer Scholarship. The selection of the recipient will be chosen at the 2019 NAJRAE. At that time 50% ownership and 100% possession of this female will be transferred to the selected Junior. The junior will maintain sole possession of this female until the 2020 NAJRAE. The donor will maintain the other 50% interest.
  2. The Donor and Family will serve as a mentor for 1 year to the recipient. They will also provide "low BW heifer bull" semen to be used for the breeding of this female if desired by the recipient. Breeding decisions on the female will be made jointly by the breeder and the Recipient with the Recipient presenting his/her breeding suggestions.
  3. The recipient must contact a member of the breeder and family at least once a month for an update on how the female is doing.
  4. The recipient will cover all costs in terms of AI service, and all necessary healthcare of this female. The recipient will service this animal to calve at around 2 years of age. Pregnancy checks must be performed by a licensed Veterinarian.
  5. The junior selected must be able to attend the 2020 NAJRAE with this female. At this time if breeding decisions go as planned the female with be a “3rd Stage bred Senior Yearling”.
  6. The Junior Recipient will give a short presentation during the banquet over his/her experiences with the project. He/she may also use this time to demonstrate their sales talk ability leading up to the selling of this female during the benefit auction.
  7. Following pregnancy confirmation 100% possession and interest in this female will be sold at the 2019 NAJRAE Benefit Auction to the highest bidder. Possession and Interest of the female will transfer immediately following payment to the NAJRAE.
  8. 50% of the funds generated from the sale of the female will go directly to the Junior Recipient that has been managing the female over the past year as a scholarship. The other 50% of the funds will be donated back into the NAJRAE Senior Scholarship Fund
  9. In the event that the Junior Recipient wishes to keep the female he/she must purchase the female during the benefit auction. Then, instead of receiving 50% of the funds raised by the female, he/she will receive the female instead. He/she still must pay the other 50% of what she brings at auction to the NAJRAE to be added to the Legacy Scholarship Fund.
  10. In the unlikely event that the female turns up as non-fertile/does not breed after attempted AI services and bull exposure the female will be sold at a local sale barn as a cull female. 100% of the funds generated from this will be donated to the NAJRAE Senior Scholarship Fund.